GSP Development

GSP Draft Sections

Currently released draft sections of the Groundwater Sustainability Plan are available for review on the links below. Comments can be submitted using the form provided or by mail to:

GSP Comments
c/o San Benito County Water District
30 Mansfield Road
Hollister, CA 95023

Comment can also be scanned and sent as an attachment to: GSP@SBCWD.org

Draft GSP sections are presented to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), to the SBCWD GSA Board of Directors, and at public workshops. Information for TAC meetings and public workshops may be viewed at https://www.sbcwd.com/community-involvement/.

The current tentative schedule for presentation of draft sections is provided below. Completion of all sections will be followed by compilation into the Draft GSP, which will be provided here and available for public review and comment.

GSP Draft Sections Review

GSP Section Title TAC Presentation SBCWD GSA Board Presentation Workshop Presentation
1 Introduction 07-Nov-18 30-Jan-19 14-Nov-18
2 Plan Area 07-Nov-18 30-Jan-19 14-Nov-18
3 Hydrogeologic Conceptual Model and Groundwater Conditions 24-Apr-19 24-Apr-19 TBD*
4 Management Areas 24-Apr-19 TBD* TBD*
5 Water Budget TBD* TBD* TBD*
6 Sustainability Criteria TBD* TBD* TBD*
7 Management Actions and Projects TBD* TBD* TBD*
8 Implementation Plan TBD* TBD* TBD*
9 Monitoring Program TBD* TBD* TBD*
10 Draft GSP TBD* TBD* TBD*

*The SBCWD GSA will make every effort to post dates for draft sections being available for comment 90-days in advance.


Comments will be considered while compiling the Draft GSP.

The final GSP will be completed in 2021 and in accordance state regulations, will be presented for adoption by the respective Board of Directors of the SBCWD and SCVWD GSAs before January 31, 2022 and submitted to the California Department of Water Resource.