Lessalt/West Hills Urban Surface Water Supplies for 2017-2019


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Pajaro River Watershed Integrated Regional Water Management Plan

The IRWM Plan is a collaborative effort led by representatives from San Benito County Water District, Santa Clara Valley Water District, and Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency. The IRWM Plan identifies opportunities for the integrated management of all aspects of water resources in the watershed.

Pajaro River Watershed IRWM Plan Update Public Notice

2007 Pajaro River Watershed IRWM Plan

2010 Pajaro River Watershed IRWM Planning Grant Application

2012 Pajaro IRWMP Project Form

Salt and Nutrient Managment Plan

Pajaro IRWM Grant Update


In an effort to control & eradicate the destructive aquatic mussel, SBCWD has partnered with federal, state, and local government agencies to plan an attack on the invasive species.

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Welcome to San Benito County Water District!

The San Benito County Water District welcomes you to our website! We hope this website allows the community to remain up to date on District activities and information.

It is the mission of the San Benito County Water District to preserve the economic and environmental wealth and well-being of San Benito County through the control, management and conservation of waters and the provision of water services in a practical, cost-effective and responsible manner.

The District is a California Special District that was formed in 1953 by the San Benito County Water Conservation and Flood Control Act. The District encompasses around 47,000 acres of San Benito County and delivers water to approximately 32,000 acres. The District primarily delivers agricultural water to its 500+ customers; however it does deliver a small amount of municipal and industrial (M&I) water as well.

Water is delivered to San Benito County Water District through the Central Valley Project (CVP). The CVP is a federal water project that stores water in reservoirs in Northern California and delivers this water to cities and farms throughout California. The Districts water is brought down from Northern California and delivered to the San Luis Reservoir in Merced County by way of the Delta-Mendota Canal near Los Banos. From here, this water is pumped through the 5.2 mile Pacheco Tunnel atop Pacheco Pass to a facility near Casa de Fruta. At this facility, the water is split between the Santa Clara Valley Water District and the San Benito County Water District; together these agencies represent the San Felipe Division of the Central Valley Project.

Once water is brought into the county, it is delivered to customers via 158 miles of closed pipe distribution system. CVP water brought into the county is also delivered and stored in the San Justo Reservoir and used to supplement deliveries during high demand, percolate into the groundwater supplies and for recreation.

Farmers in San Benito County produce over 40 different crops, and agriculture continues to be the county's major producing industry grossing close to $271 million dollars in 2006. San Benito County Water District encompasses the communities of Hollister and San Juan Bautista.

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Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA)

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Blue Valve Water Users


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Hollister Urban Area Water Project

Cooperative Effort Will Boost Quality of Drinking Water

The Hollister Urban Area Water Project (HUAWP) is a collaborative effort under way to deliver high-quality water to help ensure economic stability and contribute to a better quality of life for the entire community.

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HUA Water Project Link

HUA Water Project Video

HUA Water & Wastewater Master Plan

Hollister Urban Area Master Plan Update July 2017

West Hills Water Treatment Plant Project FEIR